Doughlicious Pop Up

Treat Seekers Rejoice as Doughlicious Cookie Pop-Up Opens in our Piccadilly store.

We'll be serving up helpings of super-stuffed American style cookies and one-of-a-kind Dough•Chi bites, all ready and waiting to be devoured. You don't want to miss this.

From 13th April to 22nd July, you can enjoy a new baked-fresh sensory experience whilst tucking into your favourite, naturally-sweet, ‘“I can’t believe it’s gluten-free’ treats at the new Doughlicious pop up on the second floor of our Whole Foods Market store in Piccadilly Circus.

You’ll have the chance to enjoy the brand new freshly-baked, super stuffed, gooey cookies that offer a crispy crunchy outside and oozing warm middle. Also a must-try is the innovative bite-size frozen dessert, DoughChi - mouth-watering balls of ice cream wrapped in a layer of gluten-free cookie dough and rolled in a cookie crumble.

The pop-up will also be debuting four super-stuffed cookie flavours for the very first time with flavours O.G Salted Chocolate Chip, Jaffa Wannabe, YO-Berry and Inside Out Churro, all ready and waiting to be devoured.

Tuck into Doughlicious cookies and DoughChi on the spot, or takeaway a gift-box of treats that make for a perfect party favour, date-night delight, or birthday gift to bring to the office.

For more information on Doughlicious, visit or follow the brand on social media @doughlicious_dough.

Meet the Doughlicious Founder, Kathryn Bricken

Kathryn Bricken, Mother of 3, Founded Doughlicious in 2014. From an early age she understood how food is more than fuel; it is a way of bringing people together and making magical memories. We asked Kathryn a few questions about her delicious cookies and the pop up.

Tell us about Doughlicious.

Doughlicious is all about the dough! We produce Ready To Bake Cookies and Dough·Chi that are better for you and the environment, sourcing high quality ingredients from reputable suppliers. Everything is made without artificial additives or preservatives. Our products are all individually portioned, allowing you to have only what you want at that moment in order to minimise food waste and maximise permissable indulgence.

What inspired you to launch a gluten free cookies brand?

I have always had a passion for baking and believe baking is a way to bring people together to make magical memories. I moved to London 15 years ago and quickly become known for baking the best American-style cookies using the finest natural ingredients. My friends all started asking me to make extra dough so that they could bake them at home... and with that Doughlicious was born! We describe ourselves as an award winning cookie that happens to be free from, thanks to our unique blend of gluten-free flours.

What’s your favourite Doughlicious product?

It has to be our Matcha all the way. I love the Ready To Bake Cookie Douch and Dough·Chi, i just can't enough! The Matcha Cookie is earthy with sweet white chocolate chunks that make for a balanced taste. The dough chi is one of a kind, slightly sweet matcha cookie dough wraps around perfectly creamy, earthy matcha ice cream all dusted with a matcha crumb - leaving your taste buds wanting more.


Can you tell us about the new pop up store at Whole Foods Market?

This is something we've been working on for a long time and we're so proud to be Whole Foods Market first ever brand partner. It's located on the mezzanine level of the Piccadilly store and is open 7 days a week, allowing new and returning customers to try our range. From our brand new Super Stuffed cookies to growing cult-classic Dough·Chi frozen desserts, we've already got regulars! It's amazing connecting with Whole Foods customers face to face and introducing new people to the Doughlicious possibilities of our award-winning cookie dough.


Can you tell us about the new flavours the pop up store will be debuting for the very first time?

We are debuting four Super Stuffed cookies for the very first time: O.G Chocolate Chip, Jaffa Wannabe, YO-Berry and Inside Out Churro. In addition we have the American Sugar Cookie with buttercream frosting, the customer can choose between vanilla with hundreds and thousands or vanilla with freeze dried straweberry dusting. These are perfectly crisp on the outside with a gooey, melt in the mouth interior. We also have a range of 10 Dough•Chi flavours, including our brand new and pop-up exclusive Cherry Pie. Cherry ice cream covered in vanilla cookie dough and dusted with a cherry cookie crumb - it’s the perfect flavour to take us from spring to summer!