Pioneer DJ VM-50 5-inch Active DJ and Studio Monitor


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Part of Pioneer's VM-Series, the VM-50 has built on the highly-rated S-DJX models from Pioneer, bringing you improved sound quality and feature list in an aesthetically pleasing design and finish. The VM-Series allow users to have complete control over their sound with the user-defined DSP settings - create the perfect sound for your environment by adjusting each parameter.

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Part of Pioneer's VM-Series, the VM-50 has built on the highly-rated S-DJX models from Pioneer, bringing you improved sound quality and feature list in an aesthetically pleasing design and finish. The VM-Series allow users to have complete control over their sound with the user-defined DSP settings - create the perfect sound for your environment by adjusting each parameter.

Home DJing has become ever more popular within recent, being more accessible and affordable for many, more enthusiasts have joined the scene and with professionals starting to Livestream their performances from home, professional standard sound quality and sleek aesthetics are important for any home setup or studio.

Transparent, No distortion Audio

Experience authentic sound with no distortion; the Class D amplifier enables wide-bandwidth audio reproduction at 96 kHz sampling DSP. Even though the AB amps used in the previous models have higher output ratings, the VM-50 monitor can maintain a consistently higher SPL output. The Class D amps used in the VM Series are much more efficient than the previous, meaning very little energy is wasted, and therefore less risk of overheating and allows peak output to be maintained.

Aramid Fibre Cone

The VM-Series monitors have been carefully constructed using choice materials to provide the best possible sound quality and durability. Using the advancements made on the S-DJX series, the VM-Series has used the woofer cone made from Aramid Fibre to build on the monitor's accurate sound reproduction and tonal characteristics. Typically very rigid and lightweight, the Aramid Fibre reacts quickly to vibrations and reproduces select frequencies accurately. Feel fully immersed with how the VM50 can project the sound throughout the room and fills the environment.

Vortex Bass Accelerator

The intuitive design of the VM-50 ensures that the bass and low-end frequencies are tight and produced with no distortion or unwanted vibrations. The Vortex Bass Accelerator has been constructed in a way to achieve robust and precise low-ends – by channelling the air generated through specific vents and ports, the VM 50 keeps low frequencies contained and true to the sound you want to hear.

Mid-range and high frequencies become highlighted by the speaker's constant directivity horn that produces a wide band, uniform listening experience in any space—specially designed to cause the flat playback frequency to cross over to the tweeter effortlessly, creating a more natural sound. The VM-50 monitor is designed to replicate the true sound of the music you are listening to. However, we know every room can display different acoustic properties that will influence the sound you hear; with user-defined DSP settings, you can determine the fine details to get the best setup and sound.

On the back of the VM-50, you will find 2 adjustable knobs, one for Low EQ and High EQ. Quickly change the EQ settings without moving your speakers; each EQ has 4 different positions that change, reduce or increase the Low and High frequencies, totalling up to 16 possible settings to choose from. These simple EQ controls allow you to change the settings depending on your needs; remove low frequencies and vibrations from the bass by cutting the Low EQ to the lowest setting, ideal for working at night or with noise-conscious housemates. Or boost the treble of your music by turning the High EQ to Room 2 Mode.

The modern design caters to changing aesthetics and produces improved sound quality and overall durability of the unit. The hexagonal aluminium front baffle cuts unwanted vibrations travelling through the speaker's front, while the protective guard in front of the tweeter reduces any potential damage that may occur to the high-frequency diaphragm. It is finished with an Alumite-treated brushed texture to give the VM series speakers a sleek, professional finish that makes them sit comfortably next to any Pioneer equipment.

User DSP Settings

Adjust the settings according to your setup location and intended use to achieve the best possible sound. Choose from 4 preset DSP settings suited for different uses and setups.

L1 – reduces the bass and low-end frequency, ideal for night time listening or reducing vibrations that may travel through the walls or furniture. 6dB HPF (High Pass Filter) is applied at 63Hz to remove sub frequencies to produce a clear and tight sound image.

L2 - recommended for accurate studio monitoring, designed to work well in acoustically designed environments. Creates a flat frequency response that delivers authentic sound true to the input signal.

L3 - ideal for larger rooms and environments that require an added level of sound, the boosted bass and low-ends kick in at 50Hz using a Bell EQ to amplify the sound by 2.5 dB.

L4 - delivers powerful bass and low frequencies, similar to the sound of nightclubs and events. The 5dB of boost kicks in at 50Hz using a bell EQ, with 2dB of boost at 200Hz to create intense bass and prominent low frequencies.

The VM-50 is perfect for any home setup or professional studio, capable of producing unmatched sound quality. To make the most of your setup, the speakers should be positioned as symmetrically as possible, so they create a balanced stereo image, ideally against the shortest wall in the room. The isolation pads can be attached to the bottom of the monitors to help raise them off your furniture's surface and ensure you receive the pure sound produced by the speakers. The isolation pads will also prevent some of the deep vibrations from resonating and travelling through furniture or walls.

  • Clean, professional design
  • Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP
  • Wave Guide – Constant directivity horn, Silk dome tweeter
  • User-defined DSP settings
  • Auto Standby switch
  • 4mm hexagonal aluminium front baffle
  • 5.25 “Aramid Fibre woofer cone
  • Vortex Bass Accelerator


  • Amplifier Type: Class D with DSP
  • LF amplifier: 30 W (4 Ω)
  • HF amplifier 30 W (4 Ω)
  • Input connectors (balanced input) XLR/TRS combo x 1
  • Input connectors (unbalanced input) RCA x 1
  • Input impedance: 10 kΩ


  • Enclosure: Bass reflex
  • Enclosure material: MDF vinyl laminate
  • Woofer (LF driver) 5.25" (133 mm) cones
  • Tweeter (HF driver) 1" (25 mm) soft dome
  • Reproduction frequency band: 40 Hz – 36 kHz

Power unit/other

  • Supported voltages: AC 110 V – 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 30 W
  • Power consumption during standby mode: 0.3 W or less
  • External dimensions: (W × H × D) 198 x 300 x 265 mm / 7.80” x 11.81” x 10.43”
  • Weight: 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs.
  • Accessories: Power cable, Cushioned feet pads, Instruction Manual, Precautions for use Warranty

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